A Woman Entrepreneur’s Simple Business Plan

  If you are a Woman Entrepreneur about to write your 2012 Business Plan, my advice to you is ‘keep it simple’ , ‘keep it personal’ and ‘be creative’!

In other words, ditch the notion of a traditional, utterly boring, business plan and create something that is simple, relevant, exciting and gets you taking action!

Financial Goals

Start here!


Because there is nothing more likely to get you off your butt and taking action than seeing your financial goals spelt out in black and white!

  • Keep it to one page
  • Make it just detailed enough to give you the ‘Big Picture’ Desired Outcome for the 12 months of 2012
  • Print it out
  • Put it up next to your computer so you see it staring at you every day!

Your Vision Goals – Target Goals Combo!

OK…here’s the short version…

A Vision without a Goal more often than not remains just that, a Vision.

A Goal without a Vision lacks sparkle, excitement and inspiration!

Once you have a Vision Goal sorted, then you need to add Target Goals, because that’s how you stay on track and know when you have arrived at the desired destination!

I suggest you start by creating one Vision Goal/Target Goal combo to be completed by the end of the next three months.

So, for example, my combo for the end of the next three months is this…

“So over-the-moon because Level 1 of my new Online Coaching Membership Program is full – 40 participants!  Dancing a jig!”

The description of my Vision is:

  • Emotive
  • Not too long
  • Paints the picture for you – I hope
  • Describes what I want
  • Is in the present tense

My Goal is to fill my Level 1 Membership Program by the end of the next three months.

The Target Goal aspect of getting 40 members registered provides the incentive to build in the steps to reach my goal and holds me accountable.

Just seeing my Financial Goals sheet stuck up next to my computer and knowing my Vision Goals/Target Goals are being accomplished each month is exciting and helps to keep me going!

One More Thing

I also suggest that you create your Marketing Vision Goal/Target Goal series.

For each of your Vision Goal/Target Goal combos, there needs to be a combo for your Marketing!

You will find that just thinking about how you will build in the marketing will start to get you focused and thinking about the steps you will need to take to set things up!

So there you have it, a Woman Entrepreneur’s Business Plan that is simple, personal and creative and gets you excited, focused and on-track!

Now go off and write down YOUR Vision Goal/Target Goal combo to be completed in three month’s time!


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