Did You Schedule It?

Schedule Your Priorities

Schedule word in red circled on calendar Today I read this great quote in one of the newsletters that comes to my in-box.

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” 

Stephen R. Covey

So the way I see it, Stephen is telling us to decide on our priorities first and then create the schedule.  This is not the same thing as having a schedule set in place and then trying to decide what to prioritize from the To Do list.

Pick Your Top Priority

So what would you say is your top priority for the coming week?

Now how will you be scheduling it in?

My top priority since my daughter Candice had her terrible accident (see My Story) has been to support her by spending as much time with her as possible.  This was virtually all day every day whilst she was in the hospital and then the rehabilitation unit.

But now that Candice is settled in a residential center until we get funding to have her living at home, I’m able to create a schedule for this #1 priority.  I put this schedule in place three weeks ago without realizing I was following Stephen’s advice!  So now I can focus on my secondary priorities and how I will be scheduling them in.

Scheduling Your Secondary Priorities

So what is your #2 priority and #3 priority for next week and how will you schedule them in?

My next priority is to get back to my online coaching business by rebuilding this blog, building my new website and getting my new online coaching membership program up and happening.

So now I’m going to sit down and work out the priorities for each of the above projects and then put in place the schedules to fit around the one already set up for my #1 priority – supporting Candice.

Great advice from Stephen don’t you think?

I feel more organized already!  I can see how this is going to enable me to be far more productive and focused!

What about you, can you see yourself being more productive using this strategy?